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From mct <>
Subject Scalability of ActiveMQ re thread usage
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 07:18:04 GMT

We're playing around with a scenario involving many thousands of long-lived,
non-durable subscriptions  to an ActiveMQ 5.2 server.

At the moment we are doing this via JMS using the VM broker in a J2EE
container. (So the connections are managed/created through JCA).

Anyhow, we observe that when we post a message into a topic, that
momentarily a thread seems to be created for every subscribed consumer! Once
the message is delivered, these threads seem to get destroyed.  This seems
to be a rather undesirable behavior. But we're not totally sure which side
of the fence this is happening on. Is it the server, or the 'client'? Not

Would you expect that if we were using NIO transport, that on the server
side there would be only a small thread pool being used to manage a large
number of connections, esp when everything is busy and many messages are
being posted. I really don't like the idea of having a thread per connection
if there are say 20,000 connections. 

Also, do you have a feel for how many concurrent connections a single MQ
server is capable of handling, where no form of persistence or durability is
being used? (Assume a modest amount of message traffic flowing to each
client, so let's take network bandwidth out of the equation)...

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