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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Out of date content in svn
Date Sun, 26 Apr 2009 07:52:42 GMT

I just started to have a look at activemq and theres a few things that
seem out of date or maybe I am just not following things.

activemq-book: Can activemq-book be removed? There has been no real
content changing action on it since 2/11/07 or r505858. Now that
"ActiveMQ in Action!" is in progress I see no real value in having it
still about.

activemq-camel(-loadtest): Why are these modules in activemq? Would it
not be better for it to be moved to camel project? It seems suboptimal
to have dependencies like AMQ -> Camel -> AMQ. It seems as if the
Camel infrastructure is likely to evolve at a faster rate than the AMQ
interfaces so leaving this code here is probably going to result in
more code churn?

activemq-protocol-buffer: Is this used? Is there plans to use it? If
not can it be removed. By the naming I would assume it sits in a
similar role to activemq-protobuf but thats just a guess.

The following modules are not included in the parent pom file. Does
this mean that they are not used? Can they be deleted then?
* activemq-camel-loadtest
* activemq-groups
* activemq-perftest
* activemq-protocol-buffer
* activemq-repository-builder
* activemq-soaktest
* activemq-systest


Peter Donald
Steven Wright  - "A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm
afraid of widths."

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