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From ybronsht <>
Subject Re: Discuss: AMQNET-93
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 22:53:18 GMT

Jim, I understand your point about Oracle. First of all, we can tell that
Oracle is also ignorant of the framework guidelines from their naming of
"OracleXMLSQLException". I've actually seen this come up in a more general
case in Microsoft's own products:

There's a ServiceDescription class (represents a WSDL document) in the
System.Web.Services.Description in a .Net 2.0 assembly, and a
System.ServiceModel.ServiceDescription class in a WCF (.Net 3.0) assembly.
Having worked on a WCF product for the past year or so, I've seen them
collide on many occasions. What is done (including in many Microsoft code
samples) is just a namespace alias:

using WSDL = System.Web.Services.Description;
var wsdl = new WSDL.ServiceDescription();

The compiler will force the user to keep the naming unambiguous - that's not
our job. And if the user wants to type those extra three letters for visual
clarity, he can do that too - again, not our job. Let's let the user decide
when those letters need to be there and when they can be done without.
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