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From nlbs <>
Subject apache execute binary
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 05:05:59 GMT

What I actually want is I've placed some executables on the `exec` Directory
and all those binary executables have `.bin` extension 
and now what I want is When ever a HTTP request will be made to
http://localhost/exec/file.bin the file.bin Programm will be executed and
Its output will be the HTTP Responce.
There is nothing special in those Programms they are Just simple printf
Hello World Programms in C/C++
I remember that I've done this on XAMPP running on windows 2~3 Years ago bt
now I forgot what I actually did. I've tried alot of tricks but none of them
worked. I am running both apache2 and 1.3 on different Ports on Debian etch.
It will be better if the solutions can be applied through .htaccess

This is what I've done still now in the .htaccess

AddHandler cgi-script bin
<FilesMatch ".+\.bin">
	#ForceType application/x-executable
	Options +ExecCGI
	ForceType text/html
	#order allow,deny
	#allow from all
	SetHandler cgi-script

It gives 500 Internal Server Error
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