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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Cluster transport ...
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 08:45:46 GMT
Sridhar - this all sounds great stuff!

As Rob said, on the client side we could hack the fanout transport a
bit more to do much of that - communicating to multiple brokers and so
forth. Are you intending the client to replicate each operation on
each broker; or just pick one broker per operation/transaction? If its
the latter its pretty trivial to do - if its the former it opens up
some interesting challenges in ensuring queue ordering and dispatching
maintains consistency across the replicas - e.g. electing one broker
the master and then having broker-broker synchronization when a master
fails etc.

Also the DNS discovery system sounds great and should benefit all
ActiveMQ users - whether they use this particular clustering model or

So I guess in terms of ease-of-completing, DNS discovery and client
load balancing across a cluster of brokers are both great pieces of
work that shouldn't be too hard to get coded, tested and documented.

Having the clients replicate their operations across the cluster of
brokers and having some master/slave/broker-sync mechanism is gonna
take much more meaty discussions to work out the details - but that
sounds great fun too :).

The tricky bit is gonna be the broker-broker synchronization I'd
imagine - such as wh
2008/5/14 Rob Davies <>:
> On 14 May 2008, at 01:27, Sridhar2008 wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working on a feature needed for our internal use for a  highly
>> available
>> messaging bus service. Per James, I am capturing  a short description of
>> our
>> needs. I would appreciate any feedback, for the larger activemq user
>> community usage ...
>>       +----B1 ---+
>>        |                |
>>  P---+---B2-----+---- C
>>        |                |
>>        +---B3-----+
>> We'd like producers/consumers to be  connected to multiple brokers
>> simultaneously for high availability - we have had  outages due to  single
>> broker failure and we also the desire seamless in/out of servicing brokers
>> as needed or based on jmx monitoring.  In addition, producers and
>> consumers
>> will not be hardcoded with specific broker addresses. They will have the
>> broker cluster 'cname' which is resolved as  'service record' in the DNS
>> ---
>> so we will also be contributing a new DNS based discovery module. This
>> facilitates dynamic addition/removal of brokers as needed for : capacity,
>> availability, etc. The producer will send to all the available brokers
>> (perhaps round robin) and consumers will accept from all the available
>> brokers.
>> This is the basic premise of the feature. This can be enhanced in various
>> ways. For example, to take a broker out of service, I plan on configuring
>> through the jmx, so the broker will stop accepting new messages, while the
>> consumers are draining existing messages. Once the messages are drained,
>> it
>> will shut itself down. Another possible enhancement is to load balance
>> messages among the brokers.
>> Thanks,
>> Regards,
>> - Sridhar Komandur
>> --
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> Hi Sridhar,
> this looks like you'll be using the fanout transport -
> Do you need persistent messaging - or non-persistent only?
> The DNS discovery module looks interesting!
> cheers,
> Rob


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