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From khudalla <>
Subject Re: Handling of RuntimeExceptions in method
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 11:55:37 GMT


I do understand that you don't want to skip the mechanism in general in
to not break any existing code that relies on it.
However, I am only suggesting to remove the connection.onAsyncException()
call in the method. The connection that it is called
upon is the one the RA has created in order to receive inbound messages for
MDBs, i.e. the exception listener is guaranteed to be the one registered by
the RA. Thus, no custom code created by developers can be affected by this
since such code cannot get a reference to this connection in order to
register its own exception listener on the connection, right?
Or are you suggesting that the method is probably
(mis-)used by developers for purposes other than the RA?


rajdavies wrote:
> Hi Kai,
> I agree with what you say - but the original reason we passed  
> exceptions is that some developers required to know if there was a  
> problem by this mechanism. ActiveMQ users in general don't try to  
> reconnect on a Connection.onException() - because  they typically use  
> a fault tolerant failover connection (now the default transport).
> Its to support these users I'm suggesting that we add a supplementary  
> method to call an exception - and use Connection.onException() for its  
> proper purpose :) If you don't register an exception listener on this  
> new method - it won't know anything about it - the exception will just  
> get logged - which handles your case as well
> cheers,
> Rob

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