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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject [VOTE] Release ActiveMQ 5.1.0 RC 1
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 23:08:28 GMT
Well, I think the 5.1.0 release of ActiveMQ is long overdue.  It has a
massive amount of bugs fixed in it in addition to other goodies.
Please help me check these release artifacts and give me a +1 if you
don't see any issues with them.

This release addresses the following issues:

** Bug
    * [AMQ-400] - DTD File Not Found
    * [AMQ-732] - Infinite recovery loop.
    * [AMQ-765] - ActiveMQ RA serialization issue on Glassfish
    * [AMQ-775] - MessageAuthorizationPolicy doesn't work
    * [AMQ-867] - JMX Management Console Not Working As Documented
    * [AMQ-885] - setUseAsyncSend default value causes bad performance
if the client and the server are not on the same machine
    * [AMQ-900] - Inconsistent queue browsing and message dequeueing behaviour
    * [AMQ-905] - A single JMS Listener is way too slow
    * [AMQ-955] - Failover connection not working with master slave
    * [AMQ-965] - Fix example source code
    * [AMQ-967] - setting maximumRedeliveries to -1 is equivalent to
maximumRedeliveries=0, but doc says otherwise
    * [AMQ-987] - suprious exception message when using message streams...
    * [AMQ-992] - MySQL doesn't honor lock in JDBC Master Slave configuration?
    * [AMQ-1006] - RoundRobinDispatchPolicy divides uneven
    * [AMQ-1009] - incorrect DequeueCount
    * [AMQ-1027] - Failover transport incorrectly handles prefetched messages
    * [AMQ-1044] - Failed to register MBean error.
    * [AMQ-1059] - ActiveMQ Task/Transport Deadlock when using Stomp
    * [AMQ-1063] - Journaled JDBC checkpoint fails with Already started.
    * [AMQ-1076] - Message lost in network of brokers
    * [AMQ-1083] - Heap overflow when durable consumer closes
    * [AMQ-1086] - Can't use SQL Server 2005 for persistence
    * [AMQ-1103] - Prefetch size < 0 should throw an exception
somewhere or be defaulted, as messages are not dispatched anymore
    * [AMQ-1116] - deadlock when shutting down client that is
configured with failover=true and is presently disconnected from
    * [AMQ-1120] - Race Condition can result in hang on
    * [AMQ-1158] - ExceptionListener not notified of connection loss
in single broker environment
    * [AMQ-1212] - Connections on the Broker side are not being
properly disposed of when client closes them.
    * [AMQ-1215] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during
    * [AMQ-1230] - Problem with prefetchExtension in
    * [AMQ-1234] - Broker fails to dispatch messages
    * [AMQ-1254] - Kaha Store puts a non-string into System properties
    * [AMQ-1255] - Advisory queues don't disappear for TEMPORARY queues/topics
    * [AMQ-1271] - Queue size is 0, after starting with messages in
persisent storage
    * [AMQ-1272] - Stomp protocol does not correctly check
authentication (security hole)
    * [AMQ-1283] - Messages aren't being delivered in a clustered environment
    * [AMQ-1290] - Config error of kahaPersistenceAdapter example in
    * [AMQ-1296] - Already delivered (and deleted from persistence
store) messages are available through JMX queue operations
    * [AMQ-1297] - Memory leak creating temporary queues
    * [AMQ-1301] - Problems with reconnecting broker to network of
brokers after broker shutdown
    * [AMQ-1315] - RSS/Atom Feed does not work in the WebConsole
    * [AMQ-1321] - Topic default SubscriptionRecoveryPolicy can waste
a huge amount of memory
    * [AMQ-1325] - No-Durable topic consumer client receive message
got out of heap exception
    * [AMQ-1333] - Broker stops delivering messages to some consumers
    * [AMQ-1338] - It is a occurrent problem
    * [AMQ-1342] - Multicast Discovery Agent can get into a tight loop
reconnecting if the network connection fails to get established
    * [AMQ-1345] - XBean annotation 'resourceAdapter' is specified twice
    * [AMQ-1351] - Multiple consumers on a single queue, each with a
transacted session, fails; only one consumer sees messages; also
message loss after a few of receiveNoWait/rollback
    * [AMQ-1353] - Broken URL
    * [AMQ-1357] - fails to unmarshal openwire messages
    * [AMQ-1360] - I saw this test failure on a CI build in
    * [AMQ-1365] - Username and password field got swapped when
calling PooledConnection.createConnection
    * [AMQ-1367] - Messages received count is wrong in web console
    * [AMQ-1373] - Spelling Mistake
    * [AMQ-1381] - Client Certificates do not work due to incorrectly
overriden method in
    * [AMQ-1383] - org.apache.activemq.transport.InactivityMonitor$1
cannot be cast to
    * [AMQ-1430] - Composite Queue causes duplicate keys in JDBC store
    * [AMQ-1441] - compatibility issue when integrating/embedding with JBossAS
    * [AMQ-1442] - compatibility issue when integrating/embedding with JBossAS
    * [AMQ-1445] - RecoveryListenerAdapter - Message id ID... could
not be recovered from the data store!
    * [AMQ-1446] - - Expected
an instance of MemoryMessageStore but was:$2@a0f3d1
    * [AMQ-1448] - activemq-4.1.1/activemq-perftest/pom.xml has
incorrect plugin configuration
    * [AMQ-1451] - FailoverTransport bad handling of
InterruptedException in wait loop.
    * [AMQ-1456] - JMS to JMS Bridge property consumerName on
InboundTopicBridge element dont work
    * [AMQ-1465] - Regression with networkConnector 'name' attribute
    * [AMQ-1475] - deadlock in Usage & Topic
    * [AMQ-1483] - unsuccessful NetworkConnector connections leak threads
    * [AMQ-1487] - Bug in ActiveMQSession::send() prevents
non-persistent messages from being sent sync
    * [AMQ-1488] - Bug in FailoverTransport results in messages that
have been queued during a network interruption being sent out of order
upon call to restoreTransport()
    * [AMQ-1490] - Deadlocks (with JUnit tests)
    * [AMQ-1498] - Broker doens't start anymore!
    * [AMQ-1507] - Shared Filesystem Master Slave not working
    * [AMQ-1509] - Duplicate topic messages received with network of
brokers and selectors
    * [AMQ-1510] - Incorrect value for QueueCount attribute after broker restart
    * [AMQ-1511] - Slave starts connectors before master fails
    * [AMQ-1518] - NetworkConnector is leaking a thread if broker disconnects
    * [AMQ-1519] - Broker Should be started async to avoid a slave
broker from blocking the startup of J2EE server (like JBoss)
    * [AMQ-1520] - release 5.0.0 depends on SNAPSHOT version of activeio
    * [AMQ-1521] - Acknowledgement of messages across a duplex network
does not work correctly
    * [AMQ-1523] - Consumer Priorities Appear To Be Broken On AMQ 5.0
    * [AMQ-1524] - Thread name spelling mistake: "AcitveMQ Connection Worker"
    * [AMQ-1525] - InactivityMonitor incorrectly assumes there isn't
activity on a Transport
    * [AMQ-1528] - HasPage overflow results in
indexOutOfBoundsException in AMQStore
    * [AMQ-1531] - Visualization page needs updating
    * [AMQ-1532] - Fix service wrapper problems in linux
    * [AMQ-1533] - Can not unsubscribe topic
    * [AMQ-1535] - missing lines in wrapper.conf
    * [AMQ-1536] - Dural-subScriber can not receive message!
    * [AMQ-1542] - NetworkConnector parameters are not passed back
over a duplex connection
    * [AMQ-1544] - ERROR RecoveryListenerAdapter - Message id xxxxxx
could not be recovered from the data store! (when using Spring's
DefaultMessageListenerContainer with more than 1 concurrentConsumers
to dispatch JMS messages)
    * [AMQ-1553] - Queue structure pagedInMessages can hold upto 1000
messages for a long time
    * [AMQ-1556] - Concurrency Issue on MessageConsumer deliveredMessages
    * [AMQ-1558] - wrapper.conf issue so Java Service Wrapper doesn't
start on windows
    * [AMQ-1559] - AMQStore cannot resolve message references for
Durable Topic Subscribers
    * [AMQ-1560] - amqPersistence store grows continuously
    * [AMQ-1562] - Queue Pending Message Cursor doesn't adequately
release cache when no space left
    * [AMQ-1564] - Deadlock between VMTransport threads accessing AMQStore
    * [AMQ-1565] - Exception String from BrokerFactory has a typo -
"Could load " should presumably read "Could not load "
    * [AMQ-1566] - Out of order messages can be dispatched out of
order for durable topic subscriptions under load
    * [AMQ-1574] - FailoverTransport logs routine reconnects at
INFO/WARN instead of DEBUG
    * [AMQ-1575] - FailoverTransport with MaxReconnectAttempts set
does not recover quickly, when used with ConnectionPooling....
    * [AMQ-1576] - ActiveMQMessageTransformation.copyProperties
    * [AMQ-1577] - FailoverTransport doesn't shut-down cleanly,
complains about underlying transport going down
    * [AMQ-1578] - No exposure to the 'idleTimeout' property for
ConnectionPool class, which makes it difficult to implement keepAlive
semantics on PooledConnections
    * [AMQ-1580] - ArrayOutOfBoundsException in ActiveMQInputStream
    * [AMQ-1581] - PooledConnections don't initialize correctly when
broker not available (causes problems with Failover)
    * [AMQ-1583] - Creating a durable subscriber throws
    * [AMQ-1584] - ClassLoadingAwareObjectInputStream cannot load
primary classes
    * [AMQ-1586] - Topic throughput drops with the number of consumers
    * [AMQ-1590] - Setting advisory support compromises network of brokers
    * [AMQ-1591] - When using a JDBC based database locker in an
Master/Slave configuration, the lock is not updated.
    * [AMQ-1592] - Inactivity Monitor:
org.apache.activemq.transport.InactivityIOException: Channel was
inactive for too long
    * [AMQ-1595] - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when restarting a broker
that had a durable subscirption that had been sent lots of messages.
    * [AMQ-1598] - Extraneous Thread.dumpStack() method in
    * [AMQ-1602] - Missing logging-commons.jar contents in
    * [AMQ-1603] - EOFExceptions and Broken Pipe exceptions everywhere
in 5.0 (my services seem to run fine under 4.1 and 4.1.1 and somewhat
better in 5.1-SNAPSHOT [if you don't count the queue size problem]
which is critical)
    * [AMQ-1613] - Inactivity monitor blocks trying to close out a
Failover transport that is in the middle of send.
    * [AMQ-1616] - JMS Compliance - Closing a closed connection should
not throw an exception
    * [AMQ-1618] - Improper handling of container restrictions in
creation of sessions
    * [AMQ-1620] - compositeTopic changing destination field of original message
    * [AMQ-1623] - KahaMessageStore does not close or delete files for
deleted destinations.
    * [AMQ-1624] - Fileserver webapp wont work out of the box
    * [AMQ-1629] - wildcards don't work in networkconnector excludeDestinations
    * [AMQ-1631] - Concurrency Issue in MessageConsumer's
deliveredMessages within dispose
    * [AMQ-1633] - Temporary destinations not being cleaned up upon
delete() when using network of brokers
    * [AMQ-1641] - Broker Network Deadlocking
    * [AMQ-1644] - Using NON_PERSISTENT delivery mode increases
MemoryPercentageUsed to 100% and block sending
    * [AMQ-1647] - PooledTaskRunner fails to shutdown after task
throws exception
    * [AMQ-1650] - AmqPersistenceAdapter throws
Failed to read to journal for: offset
    * [AMQ-1651] - Sending message to deleted TemporaryQueue throws
JMSException instead of IllegalDestinationException
    * [AMQ-1656] - Messages are sometimes skipped when  using JDBC master/slave
    * [AMQ-1658] - Messages are sometimes skipped when  using JDBC master/slave
    * [AMQ-1659] - SSL Transport configured in wantClientAuth mode
never asks for the client certificate during the SSL Handshake

** Improvement
    * [AMQ-307] - the synchronous receive(timeout) and receiveNoWait()
should try to RPC the server if there are no pending messages
    * [AMQ-545] - Provide a way to configure a ForwardingBridge via XML
    * [AMQ-921] - When recovering messages on startup - execution of
Store.getMessage is executed as many times as many subscribers to this
destination there are
    * [AMQ-943] - Pluggable Stomp Message Mapping
    * [AMQ-1013] - Web console does not escape message details
    * [AMQ-1143] - Need a way to set tcpNoDelay on peer transport TCP
network connections
    * [AMQ-1186] - Notify user when listening on unstarted connection
    * [AMQ-1231] - Performance issues with
org/apache/activemq/broker/region/ and
    * [AMQ-1311] - Expose brokerName via BrokerViewMBean
    * [AMQ-1328] - Remove the log.error in VMTransport.asyncOneWay
    * [AMQ-1358] - Make timestamp legible in web interface
    * [AMQ-1361] - Logging improvement contribution
    * [AMQ-1493] - Upgrade XStream to 1.2.2
    * [AMQ-1506] - System.out in source code:
    * [AMQ-1515] - Removed use of ClassLoading
    * [AMQ-1552] - add a spring factory bean to make it easy to unify
the failover policy across every ActiveMQConnectionFactory instance if
the connection URL differs across parts of your application
    * [AMQ-1561] - remove activeio snapshot dependency
    * [AMQ-1563] - upgrade to Camel 1.3.0 and Spring 2.5.1 or later
    * [AMQ-1567] - Stomp frame translator improvements
    * [AMQ-1587] - Improvements/Bug Fixes for LDAP Discovery Mechanism
(LDAP Network Connector)
    * [AMQ-1597] - Upgrade to Jettison 1.0
    * [AMQ-1607] - Static method to register TransportFactory
    * [AMQ-1635] - Remove unused references to backport-util-concurrent
    * [AMQ-1636] - the ActiveMQ camel component should default to
using a SingleConnectionFactory to avoid creating tons of connections
when sending messages in Camel - or support PooledConnectionFactory if
    * [AMQ-1645] - Change default client URL to be
    * [AMQ-1646] - Change dispatchAsync = true for clients by default

** New Feature
    * [AMQ-122] - add support for priority message ordering
    * [AMQ-132] - Remotting logging of clients under flow control
    * [AMQ-200] - new API to poll for messages without requiring a
session and consumer
    * [AMQ-438] - MSMQ <-> ActiveMQ Bridge
    * [AMQ-1157] - startup destinations don't work when using a security policy
    * [AMQ-1199] - provide a new simple API so end users can view
available destinations and query them to find their statistics (such
as queue depth etc)
    * [AMQ-1517] - Support for more graceful handling of timeouts
within MessageProducer.send
    * [AMQ-1572] - Add the option for a backup channel that is already
connected for the Failover transport

** Task
    * [AMQ-631] - verify that HttpsTransportBrokerTest won't hang on
other environment

** Test
    * [AMQ-240] - Testcase:
testDispatch(org.activemq.service.SimpleQueueBrokerTest): FAILED
    * [AMQ-475] - TEST
org.apache.activemq.usecases.ThreeBrokerQueueNetworkTest FAILED
    * [AMQ-540] - TEST
    * [AMQ-1640] - variant of DeadLetterTest with message listener

** Wish
    * [AMQ-648] - Changing the default JMX URL

The binary artifacts are staged at:

The maven web site is staged at:

Vote open for 72 hours.

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