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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject Re: jmdns questions
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2008 17:02:12 GMT
3. we could also just not distribute right?

On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 3:47 AM, David Jencks <> wrote:
> While reviewing the legal files (LICENSE and NOTICE) for activemq
> 4.1-SNAPSHOT I discovered that the build depends on and the assembly
> distributes a jar activemq:jmdns:1.0-RC2:jar.  I'm having some trouble
> figuring out exactly where this came from and what license it might be
> under.
>  I found that at one point the codehaus activemq project had something
> related to this...
>  but it doesn't appear to be there now.
>  I found a sourceforge jmdns project
>  which claims to be lgpl licensed.
>  There's a jmdns:jmdnds:1.0:jar in maven which might be from this project:
> the class names appear to match.
>  Now if you look at the cvs view of this sourceforge project, there's an
> apache license and notice file checked into the root.  Furthermore the
> javax.jmdns.* classes indicate in headers that they are apache 2 licensed.
> However there are some com.strangeberry classes and samples classes that
> have only a LGPL licence header.  The com.strangeberry classes are included
> in both jars I've found.
>  Furthermore I can't find any evidence that the javax.jmdns classes are part
> of a java jsr, so I have a hard time believing their use of the javax
> namespace is, um, legal.
>  So, I see two problems
>  1. inclusion of lgpl classes in an apache distribution
>  2. javax namespace with no apparent permission from sun.
>  With this understanding of the situation I'd have a hard time voting
> anything other than -1 on any release that included one of the existing
> jmdns jars.
>  Unless there is more to the story than I've found out so far I see two ways
> to proceed:
>  1. work with the jmdns project to release a jar that is clearly apache 2
> licensed and is ok sun-wise
>  2. produce our own jar with only the apache licensed jmdns classes under a
> sun-friendly package name (such as org.apache.activemq.jmdns).
>  I'm interested in getting a 4.1.2 release out ASAP so I'd be happy to set
> up a module in activemq to do (2) and modify the use of the jmdns classes as
> appropriate.  I could work on (1) as well but think it isn't likely to
> happen in the next day or so.
>  Thoughts on how to proceed?
>  thanks
>  david jencks



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