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From David Jencks <>
Subject [VOTE] activemq 4.1.2 take 4
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 00:25:19 GMT
The third try had missing binary distributions, now fixed.
take 4 also includes a fix for  (AMQ-1659) SSL Transport configured  
in wantClientAuth mode never asks for the client certificate during  
the SSL Handshake.

The second try had missing license headers on most of the poms and a  
few source files, now fixed.  This is the only change from take 2.

The first try had non-functional assemblies.  Reroll has functional  
assemblies and uses the maven-shade-plugin to construct the uber-jar  
and run.jar and cleans up the assembly descriptors slightly.  No code  
changes from take 1.

ActiveMQ 4.1.2 is needed for the upcoming geronimo 2.1.1 release and  
has accumulated a fair number of bug fixes.  I've reviewed the legal  
files and attempted to make them more compliant with current thinking  
on legal-discuss.  This release also provides a larger-scale test of  
the proposed release process using the maven-release-plugin.


     * [AMQ-1300] - Patch for the 4.1 branch
     * [AMQ-1302] - Backport for the 4.1 branch


     * [AMQ-400] - DTD File Not Found
     * [AMQ-1014] - Invalid Schema URL for example config file
     * [AMQ-1067] - Stomp consumer not removed if client does not  
send disconnect message.
     * [AMQ-1079] - Slave Fail Error when Receiving message on a  
MasterSlave configuration
     * [AMQ-1124] - activemq-rar-4.1.0-incubator.rar contains spring  
twice: spring-1.2.4.jar and spring-2.0.jar
     * [AMQ-1167] - The example does not work under JVM 1.4
     * [AMQ-1205] - Memory leak in Scheduler
     * [AMQ-1235] - Scheduler.cancel uses incorrect argument to  
shutdown threads
     * [AMQ-1236] - Failing to acquire exclusive lock - MySQL and  
other strange errors
     * [AMQ-1266] - Topics allways created from the activemq-web module
     * [AMQ-1274] - Service Wrapper Installer does not work when  
ActiveMQ is installed on path that contains a spaces
     * [AMQ-1289] - Spelling error in examples directory
     * [AMQ-1306] - Remove reference to LogicBlaze from ActiveMQ -- 
version command
     * [AMQ-1319] - Topics leaked in DestinationMapNode
     * [AMQ-1322] - AdvisoryBroker leaks destinations created "from  
top" by the RegionBroker
     * [AMQ-1365] - Username and password field got swapped when  
calling PooledConnection.createConnection
     * [AMQ-1438] - When in XA Transaction Active-MQ integrated with  
OpenEJB hangs in the isSameRM method of LocalAndXATransaction.
     * [AMQ-1454] - ActiveMQDestination.setPhysicalName(): checking  
invalid wildcard to identify pattern "<"
     * [AMQ-1618] - Improper handling of container restrictions in  
creation of sessions
     * [AMQ-1632] - PrefetchSubscription may not wake up if messages  
delivered in transaction


     * [AMQ-1002] -  


     * [AMQ-424] - Make -Dactivemq.check_for_dtd_update default to  
"false", don't try network unless "true"

The binary artifacts are staged at:

The site is staged at:

Vote open for 72 hours.

[ ] +1
[ ] +0
[ ] -1

Many thanks
david jencks

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