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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject [Heads Up] browsing available queues and their messages using UFace/Swing/JFace using Camel
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 09:48:07 GMT
Just a heads up, if you build trunk of Camel and ActiveMQ you can run
a simple browser of queues & their messages by running

cd activemq-core
mvn test -Dtest=BrowseQueuesInUFace

Now the UI is pretty crap :) I've not really spent any time making it
look nice (or auto-detect when new messages are added to the queue) or
even how to render a message nicely - we should really have a little
form to display all the headers and body nicely).

However its a nice demonstration how the DestinationSource is now
working nicely in ActiveMQ to expose destinations to any JMS client...

and how if its enabled, the ActiveMQComponent will auto-expose all
queues into the CamelContext (see the use of the exposeAllQueues
property in the BrowseQueuesInUFace-context.xml file).

This all works by exposing JMS Queues as BrowsableEndpoints so that
they can be browsed easily

In this case we've a little UFace based UI for browsing endpoints and
their message exchanges.


Open Source Integration

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