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From PjEr <>
Subject Minimalist transport for J2ME and C
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 04:38:17 GMT

Good news, everyone! (or may be not)

First of all, sorry for my English, I usually write/speak in French.
Second of all, boys I love ActiveMQ!

To the point:

I am developing and using a custom binary transport/wireformat for activemq
that I developed.
I have called it 'mini' (ie: mini://somehost:62626) (I am open to suggestion
for the name)
In any case, lets call it 'mini'.

What I have in mind:

'mini' will lack the ability to be client side (mini://somehost:62626 into
an activemq ConnectionFactory for example will not work), but I dont care
since the client sides will be J2ME and C.

'mini' clients will supports:
- only one clientid/connection to the server at a time
- only one session per connection
- many producers per session (one producer = one destination)
- many consumers per session (one consumer = one destination + one message
- only 'client acknowledge'
- no transactions

What is done:

- The server side transport (TcpTransportFactory + WireFormat +
TransportFilter) si done, along with somes test cases
- J2SE simple client (without JMS API) (working draft)
- J2ME client (working draft)
- C client based on the great APR lib (it is not realy done, but it is in my
head :))

What I need:

- I need to know at first if I am in the wrong way.

- if not, I need more picky informations on the inside working of activemq,

- what is the ConnectionInfo.brokerMasterConnector property used for ?
- what is the ConnectionInfo.manageable property used for ?
- what is the ConnectionInfo.clientMaster property used for ?
- what are the mandatory properties in ActiveMQ*Message for inbound command
(client -> activemq) ?
- what are the mandatory properties in MessageAck for inbound command ?

Please tell me, I you want spare some time, what you think about this 'mini'
transport connector.

Thank you!

Pierre-David Bélanger
Diffusion Solutions Intégrées inc.
Vice-Président - Recherche et développement

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