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From "Dejan Bosanac" <>
Subject Re: Message transforming on broker
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2007 16:11:36 GMT
Hi Hiram

On Dec 14, 2007 6:40 PM, Hiram Chirino <> wrote:
> I personally think that a STOMP client should request a transformation
> strategy.  For example on a subscribe, he could do
> destination: /queue/foo
> transformation: jms-json
> ack: client
> And on the reverse side, The send could look like:
> destination:/queue/a
> transformation: jms-json
> ["Hello World",1]
> ^@
> And have the Stomp transport handle those "transformation" headers by
> looking up the "jms-json" transformation in the spring context.  This
> would allow the broker to have extensible transformations.  And the
> looked up object would just need to implement the following interface:

That's great. This idea has been discussed on the list some time ago
and I think it's a good approach. I though that maybe it could be
useful for other transports as well, but you're probably right that we
should keep this Stomp-related for now.

A few questions about your idea:

* Maybe it would be better to have "transfomers" registered at boot
time, rather then doing lookups when message arrives? If so, there has
to be a mechanism to configure Stomp transport with transformers that
will be used. What method do you propose for this, if any? Maybe
StompTransportFactory could do lookup on init?

* We have to allow users to add their "domain" classes to the amq
classpath, as I guess the most of them will want to transform XML/JSON
to objects of those classes. That's not a problem for brokers embedded
in applications, but I guess they could do that in the off-the-shelf
broker by adding appropriate JAR to the lib/ folder?

> Just need to find someone who is willing to take a stab at enhancing
> the stomp transport so that it does those "transfromation" header
> handling logic.  And add a few more interesting implementations of
> FrameTranslator.

No problem about that. I'll invest some time in this, both in amq and
PHP Stomp client. But before that I thought I handle authentication
for Stomp as it is far more important IMHO. I'll start with this patch
( add test cases
and implement proper behavior.

Dejan Bosanac

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