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From Nicky Sandhu <>
Subject Re: Usage Manager for durable offline subscriber
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 18:01:32 GMT

Still no luck with a unit test but here's some info from a debugging session
I am using a Journaled persistence adapter with Derby backend. I have
registered a durable subscriber that  is then disconnected. A producer
produces ~ 1000 msgs to the topic. The durable subscriber comes on line
(after a broker restart sometimes) and I put a conditional breakpoint
(newPercentUsage > 100) on the running remote broker and here's the stack
trace where it is about to exceed the limit 

Hope this helps...

Nicky Sandhu wrote:
> I have been trying to reproduce it in a unit test. No luck so far :( I
> have hunch its the client disconnections and reconnections without a
> proper session.close
> On Oct 5, 2007, at 1:17 AM, Nicky Sandhu wrote:
>> On revision 581885 I turned on debug messages on and the  
>> commented
>> lines of System.out on and I see the memory usage  
>> increase
>> beyond 100% to something like 16500%. This causes a problem for the  
>> next
>> thing that calls Usage.waitForSpace(timeout) and causes an  
>> indefinite hang
>> The Usage.increaseUsage(value) does not check to see if it's full  
>> and so can
>> keep allocating even beyond 100%. This seems to be happening a lot  
>> from
>> Message.incrementReferenceCount() with no corresponding
>> Message.decrementReferenceCount() happening.
>> In my case it happens when a publishing to a topic (~ 1000 msgs)  
>> with a
>> offline durable subscribe with multiple hard disconnects from the
>> subscriber.
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