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From semog <>
Subject Re: NMS implementation for Websphere MQ using C#
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 17:54:09 GMT

Hi Craig,

I think I understand what I was missing.  You are using the Spring.NET
framework.  That is why I didn't recognize the source file name that you
mentioned.  This mailing list is discussing the development of the Apache
NMS framework.  Now, bear with me, because this may be a bit confusing.  It
sure was for me when I first started looking in to it. :confused:

The Spring.Messaging.Nms framework is different from the Apache.NMS
framework.  As far as I know, their purpose is the same -- that is to allow
C# clients to send messages to a JMS broker such as ActiveMQ.  From the
documentation that I have read, it seems that there is an intention to
replace the current implementation of the Spring.Messaging.Nms library with
the Apache.NMS library.  However, I don't know who makes this decision, or
when it may occur.  When my company wanted to switch to ActiveMQ, I
researched the available frameworks.  The Spring.Messaging.Nms framework
didn't work, and seemed to have too much additional baggage with requiring
the Spring.NET library.  The Apache.NMS framework mostly worked, and began
to work very well after some bug fixes.  Unless you need the rest of the
Spring.NET framework, or if you are like me and only need a good open source
C# client that can connect to ActiveMQ (and now TIBCO), I would recommend
that you use the Apache.NMS framework.  It is smaller, and seems to be much
more stable.  Adding support for an additional provider such as MQSeries
should be pretty straightforward.  I am sure you could use my implementation
for TIBCO as a starting point and replace the TIBCO specific calls with the
MQSeries specific calls.  The Apache.NMS framework is very modular, and
adding support for a new provider is pretty straightforward.  Hiram and I
are in the middle of merging this new TIBCO provider implementation into the
main development trunk.

Browse around the Apache.NMS 
site so you can see what it is that we are working on.  This site took me a
while to find, because I was always being redirected to the Spring.NET site. 
I am glad I found it, though, because I think it is a simpler way to go for

If you want a small sample code that shows how to use the Apache.NMS
framework, let me know and I will post a small sample app that sends and
consumes a simple "Hello, NMS!" text message.

- Jim

Craig Selbert wrote:
> Jim,
> OK, So here is what I have done and in the process of doing.  I was
> challenged with implementing the NMS framework with WebSphere MQ in .Net,
> so I started out by downloading the Spring.Net framework and the 
> NMS/TIBCO Modules  for the
> framework.  I then proceeded to create a new VS2005 project that
> referenced the NMS.dll, amqmdnet.dll, and the NMS Module and then started
> mapping the different interfaces from NMS to WebSphere MQ.  I did full
> code review of the NMS and TIBCO modules but not being familiar with
> ActiveMQ or TIBCO they only got me so far.  
> I have a base implementation done but I know there is plenty of stuff I
> missed, but in the process of doing this coding I found in the code file
> of SimpleMessageListenerContainer.cs in the NMS module the comment about
> the WebSphere MQ 6.0 stuff and this lead to the post.  
> I was/am hoping that someone else out there has tried to do this and I
> would love to know what roadblocks they ran into.  I know that I can get
> this to work for our business model but I would like to make it possible
> for others to use.
> I hope this better explains what I am trying to do.  If there is something
> else anyone needs please let me know, and I would have ho problem
> complying.
> Craig

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