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From semog <>
Subject Re: NMS Provider for Tibco EMS?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 22:41:16 GMT

So I figured out what the problem was, and believe that the new code is
pretty stable.  At least it's functional, anyway! :)  I have created a new
issue [AMQNET-68] to track this change.

Since this is a fairly significant modification, and includes several new
files plus a new project assembly, what is the most practical approach to
contributing it?  I have coded this new addition against my code base, which
has really started to diverge from the main trunk.  I have logged several
bugs, and contributed patches for them, and they are all included in my
codebase.  One of the more significant changes is the changing of namespaces
[AMQNET-31], and a corresponding change made was changing the name of the
assembly files.  I changed the assembly names to include 'Apache' at the
beginning (e.g., NMS.DLL is now Apache.NMS.DLL, NMS.ActiveMQ.dll is now
Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.dll).  This became important to differentiate the Apache
assemblies from the TIBCO assembly.  The new assembly is named

I also removed the vs2005-stomp.vcproj from the solution.  This project is
only needed by the vs2005-stomp-test.vcproj.  To replace it, I added a new
file in the vs2005-stomp-test.vcproj that will instantiate the proper
ConnectionFactory for all of the STOMP unit tests.

The gist is, how would you like the changes?  I am using Perforce to track
all of my changes, and I can generate a diff against the current trunk, but
it will include patches for several other bugs.  I also don't know how to
show the removal of files.

I would like to get these changes out there for others to start playing
with.  Once I have passed on this batch of changes, I will add another
project for the unit test support for this new component.  It will be
modeled after the STOMP unit tests.

Jim Gomes

Hiram Chirino wrote:
> Wow.. that's awesome!
> On 9/27/07, semog <> wrote:
>> FWIW,
>> I am working on wrapping the Tibco C# client with the NMS APIs.  It is
>> almost complete.  I have all of the interface mappings done, but I have
>> having some minor issues with getting Tibco to pick up a message from a
>> queue when it is sent back to client.  Once it is worked out, I will
>> contribute this new implementation to the community.
>> This implementation will give a third direct provider for NMS: ActiveMQ,
>> MSMQ, and now Tibco.  I don't know what Tibco's client licensing is, so I
>> may not be able to include their client assembly (TIBCO.EMS.DLL).  You
>> may
>> need to acquire it separately.  I don't know yet.
>> I will update more as I make progress.
>> - Jim

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