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From "Dziugas Baltrunas" <>
Subject Time To Live
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 08:44:01 GMT

I'm using Apache ActiveMQ 4.1.1. I've noticed that setting timeToLive
while sending a JMS message with producer has no effect if consumer is
consuming messages with a Listener callbacks (in my case it's

I've searched through the mailing lists and figured out that this is a
known bug, however, it's still unclear which version (branch,
snapshot) of ActiveMQ has this issue fixed. Looks like most recent
JIRA entry is AMQ-1072, but this only talks about a particular SVN
revision and not a snapshot / release.

Could somebody please clarify about time to live / message expiration
and ActiveMQ versions that should work as expected?

As everybody knows, message expiration shall be a standard feature of
JMS provider, since specs say that "A JMS provider should do its best
to expire messages accurately; however, the JMS API does not define
the accuracy provided."

However, looks like ActiveMQ doesn't follow this.

Dziugas Baltrunas

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