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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Newbie Need urgent help
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 18:37:13 GMT
On 7/23/07, pcdev <> wrote:
> Hi, I am STILL having difficulties getting a valid connection to the Active
> MQ from a .NET VB or c# development.

How are you having difficulties? Whats not working? Are you trying NMS
from C#? Its a bit hard to help with such a vague comment.

> Surely someone can point me in the right direction this is just silly -
> I have communicated with lots of types of DB over the years and find this
> the most awkward, is there ANY source code that works out there

There's a ton of source code out there that works. Though note
ActiveMQ is not an SQL database & doesn't have any ODBC drivers.

Given that you seem to want the messages from ActiveMQ to be
transformed into some SQL Server format for some other code to work on
- and you want to get going in the minimum of fuss, I'd recommend just
wriing a simple JMS client in Java (see Sun's tutorial for help
getting started or the example programs that ship with ActiveMQ) to
consume all the messages and slap them into some JDBC database however
you like - using either JDBC or JPA.

As I said in my previous reply, if you've anyone who's used
hibernate/JPA in your team this can be done quite easily with a simple
transformer with Camel. Failing that, just use a simple hello-world
JMS client where the onMessage(Message) method does whatever you want
in JDBC / JPA.

Though by all means try NMS if you prefer to keep inside C#. Note that
you've given us little to go on as to what kind of messages are in
ActiveMQ - so it could contain ObjectMessages which are only readable
via Java anyway - so using NMS and C# may not be an option. If you try
NMS and have problems with it, please let us know what exactly you're
struggling with then we can help further.


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