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From Manuel Teira <>
Subject About revision 558054
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 08:25:36 GMT
Hello all.

Tracking issue AMQ-1322, closed after applying a patch to the 4.1 branch 
but that always was present in the trunk, but for different motivations 
(automatic destination creation was not invoked from top), I've found 
that some changes were made regarding this issue as 558054. Now, 
automatic destination creation is invoked from top, but as:

<excerpt from lookup method>

            Destination dest=(Destination) destinations.get(destination);
                    // Try to auto create the destination... re-invoke 
broker from the
                    // top so that the proper security checks are performed.
                    try {

                        dest = addDestination(context, destination);
                    catch (DestinationAlreadyExistsException e) {
                        // if the destination already exists then lets 
ignore this error
                    // We should now have the dest created.
                    dest=(Destination) destinations.get(destination);

</excerpt from method>

Is there any need for :

 dest = addDestination(context, destination)

Isn't it going to be called already from the previous sentence:

context.getBroker().addDestination(context, destination); ??

I haven't considered if this could produce any leak or problem, but is 
it actually needed?


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