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From Manuel Teira <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Causing OutOfMemoryError After Service Deployment in ServiceMix
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 06:21:57 GMT

Your problem have the same symptoms that the one I've notified as 
AMQ-1319 if you're using activemq 4.1.x or a lower version. 
DestinationMapNode is not correctly erasing all the references 
(specifically the 'anyNode' nodes) of the map and so, leaking also Topic 
references and all the related stuff.

If this is the same problem, you shoudn't suffer it under 5.0 or under 
4.1 with the patch I've attached to AMQ-1319.


ArmenH escribió:
> We have found out that after just one service deployed on Windows ServiceMix
> the memory usage jumps to 500 MB and it increases linearly after each
> service deployment until ServiceMix dies with an OutOfMemoryError.
> We tried increasing the heap size and it helped up to a certain number of
> services deployed in the container, after that the Error happened as
> expected.
> We used jhat for heap analysis and found out that the following instance
> usage (after just one service deployment):
> 1673478 instances of class org.apache.activemq.filter.DestinationMapNode
> 3001 instances of class
> This is a critical issue for us.  We'd like to limit the number of instances
> created on the heap. Please advise.
> Regards.
> Armen H.

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