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From Manuel Teira <>
Subject Advisory topic leakages (second theory)
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 08:16:40 GMT
Hello again. Digging into the problem I've found another thing related 
with an asymmetry in the way an advisory topic  is created and destroyed.

I'm analizying the way the Consumer and Producer advisory topics for 
temporary queues are created and destroyed:

An advisory topic is actually created when the AdvisoryBroker 
fireAdvisory method is eventually sending the message. This is happening 
in AbstractRegion lookup method, as the advisory topic doesn't exist yet:

    protected Destination lookup(ConnectionContext context, 
ActiveMQDestination destination) throws Exception {
            Destination dest=(Destination) destinations.get(destination);
                    // Try to auto create the destination... re-invoke 
broker from the
                    // top so that the proper security checks are performed.
                    // We should now have the dest created.
                    dest=(Destination) destinations.get(destination);
                    throw new JMSException("The destination 
"+destination+" does not exist.");
            return dest;

Hence, the whole Broker chain is called to create a destination 
(context.getBroker().addDestination), this, in a common environment, 
involves calling:

MutableBrokerFilter.addDestination - Just pass the request to the next 
chained BrokerFilter
   Here the configured plugins
CompositeDestinationBroker. No implementation, so it passes the request 
to the next chained object.
AdvisoryBroker. Fires an advisory to the destination advisory topic, and 
adds the destination to its own destinations map.
TransactionBroker.  No implementation, passes the request to the next 
chained object.
RegionBroker. Delegates in the TopicRegion.addDestination to create the 
given advisory topic.

On the other way, this advisory topic is destroyed when the advised 
destination is removed, in AdvisoryTopic. removeDestinationInfo. But 
here, the way to do it is:

    public void removeDestinationInfo(ConnectionContext context, 
DestinationInfo destInfo) throws Exception{
        next.removeDestinationInfo(context, destInfo);
        DestinationInfo info = (DestinationInfo) 

        if( info !=null ) {
            ActiveMQTopic topic = 
            fireAdvisory(context, topic, info);
            try {
AdvisorySupport.getConsumerAdvisoryTopic(info.getDestination()), -1);
            } catch (Exception expectedIfDestinationDidNotExistYet) {
            try {
AdvisorySupport.getProducerAdvisoryTopic(info.getDestination()), -1);
            } catch (Exception expectedIfDestinationDidNotExistYet) {


So, only the next chained broker components to AdvisoryBroker are called 
to remove the consumer and producer advisory topics. This way to proceed 
suggests me two problems:

1.-The advisory broker itself is not aware of the deletion of those 
topics (remember that it had registered them when the whole broker chain 
was called to create the topic). I think that this is the leakage I'm 
2.-Any plugin (or component in the chain preceding the AdvisoryBroker) 
that could be creating and retaining objects related with these advisory 
topics won't never be able to release them.

Perhaps this way to proceed could be related with the fix of AMQ-677.

Did I miss anything?


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