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From pcdev <>
Subject Re: Newbie Need urgent help
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 10:26:44 GMT

Sorry yes I agree i am being very vague, I end up posting these after a
frustrating day of this.

ok lets simplify this and change the original question, as things have
changed here.

I have a front end program which now needs to post a message into the
Linux ActiveMQ system
there is as far as I can tell 4 fields
Queue - the message queue to be delivered to
>From - the sender ID
OP - the operation
Data - the data(text string)

The front end has a simply screen which takes data from a barcode
reader and then needs to populate the 4 fields into the ActiveMQ system.

Now i can do this to a MS SQL server and an ACCESS db and even a linux MySQL
system easily but what I cannot work out is how to connect/talk/communicate
whatever the best term is to the ActiveMQ using the application.

So please if anyone can show me some source code that can do this i would be

I have looked at springNMS and I cannot get the examples to run I get errors
such as
on this line of code -> consumer.Listener += listener.OnMessage;

it wont compile i get this error in the debug window.
referenced without parentheses

I have looked through lines of code and cannot find any simple code which
will open up an active MQ connection and post a message.

I have been given some DOS/command prompt java example which works but is
not helpful as it's not within the application I have developed for the

Anymore info I can give you I am more that willing to help.

Sorry for being a pain, but the penny is not dropping with me on this one.

James.Strachan wrote:
> On 7/23/07, pcdev <> wrote:
>> Hi, I am STILL having difficulties getting a valid connection to the
>> Active
>> MQ from a .NET VB or c# development.
> How are you having difficulties? Whats not working? Are you trying NMS
> from C#? Its a bit hard to help with such a vague comment.
>> Surely someone can point me in the right direction this is just silly -
>> I have communicated with lots of types of DB over the years and find this
>> the most awkward, is there ANY source code that works out there
> There's a ton of source code out there that works. Though note
> ActiveMQ is not an SQL database & doesn't have any ODBC drivers.
> Given that you seem to want the messages from ActiveMQ to be
> transformed into some SQL Server format for some other code to work on
> - and you want to get going in the minimum of fuss, I'd recommend just
> wriing a simple JMS client in Java (see Sun's tutorial for help
> getting started or the example programs that ship with ActiveMQ) to
> consume all the messages and slap them into some JDBC database however
> you like - using either JDBC or JPA.
> As I said in my previous reply, if you've anyone who's used
> hibernate/JPA in your team this can be done quite easily with a simple
> transformer with Camel. Failing that, just use a simple hello-world
> JMS client where the onMessage(Message) method does whatever you want
> in JDBC / JPA.
> Though by all means try NMS if you prefer to keep inside C#. Note that
> you've given us little to go on as to what kind of messages are in
> ActiveMQ - so it could contain ObjectMessages which are only readable
> via Java anyway - so using NMS and C# may not be an option. If you try
> NMS and have problems with it, please let us know what exactly you're
> struggling with then we can help further.
> -- 
> James
> -------

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