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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Handling XSDs and Spring 2 XML processing etc.
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 13:35:45 GMT
On 6/14/07, Endre StĂžlsvik <> wrote:
> > The current URI is
> >
> >
> > it might be better to use
> >
> >
> > then it'd look more natural in spring docs?
> >
> > <beans
> >  xmlns=""
> >  xmlns:amq=""
> >  xmlns:xsi=""
> >  xsi:schemaLocation="
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >">
> >
> a) Note that you do NOT look like spring in this suggestion. Look at my
> comments in 1016. The point is that spring, as you can see directly
> above in your own paste, has as namespace URI a path to the directory
> _of the instance_ XSD, which means that both are correct URLs. Your
> suggestion translates to NOT being able to cut'n'paste that into a
> browser and actually get a 200 back.

That URL actually does work...

am just waiting for apache's web cache to update.

The only real difference to spring is spring adds part of the module
name as an extra directory in the URL - more on this later...

> > or
> >
> >
> >">
> >
> > if folks wanna put a version number in?
> How on earth should things work if you aren't specific?!
> See, lots of installations will run on 4.1.2 even when you are releasing
> version 10.69.84. And I bet there will be differences in the config XSD
> at that point. So how would this work out when I specify the
> non-versioned file?

Runtime would always use the bundled XSD in the jar. Your IDE can use
whatever XSD version you choose (you can easily move forward/backward
in your IDE).

> Also, as a final thought, I don't get the reason for "-core" - isn't
> that just five unnecessary letters, literally kludging up the otherwise
> nice URI? So, what's "non-core"? Is there a "cooler"? .. or are there
> "optionals"?

So spring uses different modules; spring-beans, spring-aop with their
own schemas etc. ActiveMQ has different modules. activemq-core,
activemq-ra, activemq-jpa with their own schemas etc.

We've tried to automate as much of the deploying & managing of the
modules & XSDs as possible to make releases easier and reduce the
chance of cock ups.

So we are currently consistently using the maven artifact (module
name) in the Schema URLs (whereas spring sometimes uses the module
name and sometimes uses the postfix of the module).

so right now we have a flat tree (which is also the shortest URL we
can easily make)



now we could introduce a bogus level of indirection to be more spring like


with namespaces being


though I figured it was easier and a tad more consistent from a maven
perspective - as well as, more importantly, much much easier to do!.
It would also increase the length of the URLs which were a common
complaint (from you :) in the first place.

So if you think it'd be more consistent we could go from


ditto for activemq-ra, activemq-jpa et al. I guess the namespace would
be a tad shorter, at the expense of the URL being a fair bit longer

The only downside is when folks go to it'd actually contain all
versions of all schemas; I don't know an easy way to fix that :).
Anyone know any .htaccess ninja to fix that?


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