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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: WebConsole in embedded mode
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:50:58 GMT
On 6/11/07, Mario Siegenthaler <> wrote:
> > The inVM only works if someone has already started a broker and its
> > started before the inVM tries to find it.
> > Or to say that another way; I tried the inVM and couldn't get it to
> > work; so took the easy route and created the embedded config file
> > which works as it used to :)
> I'll try to add some code that waits until the broker is completely
> started. There might be an issue if the 'startup-script' tries to
> start the jetty/webconsole before it's completely started the broker.
> I never run into that till now, but it might be environment/multi-core
> specific.
> What'd you guys think if we'd let maven build multiple webconsole-wars
> depending on the usage scenario:
> * JNDI in a Webcontainer: jndi-mode and not including the ActiveMQ and JMS jars
> * Property-based configuration in a Webcontainer: system-property-mode
> and including all jars
> * InVM Mode: For startup within the broker or the way Dejan used it.
> * Embedded Mode: Starts an own broker, contains all jars.
> The 'user' then could chose the war-variant that fits it usage
> scenario and wouldn't have to mess around with jars in the
> WEB-INF/lib..
> I think this would be easy to do with playing with Maven-Assemblies a bit.

Sounds good to me; though each war is pretty huge; it could make our
release massive; so am tempted to leave most of the wars out as
deployed binaries and let folks just make 'em on demand from source or


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