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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: WebConsole in embedded mode
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 12:14:18 GMT
On 6/10/07, Dejan Bosanac <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently integrated web console in one of my projects, some of the
> impressions are:

Great article BTW! I added a link to it in the articles page...

> Summarized:
> * default webconsole-embedded.xml does not do the job (as it is starting its
> own broker). As Mario suggested, default invm configuration or version of
> embbeded configuration that is included in ActiveMQ assembly process would
> do the job.

Yeah; if you wanna switch to in-VM or remote thats fine too. The
embedded mode is really just for folks who wanna boot up the broker
with a web app in a single war which is the default if folks wanna
just run the web console (e.g. in the web-console project running 'mvn
jetty:run' will boot up activemq and the web console).

> * I didn't want to use the whole war, but to extract the console inside my
> application. I found that most of the JARs are already in my classpath, so I
> excluded them in the extraction process. Also, if it is not done so, there
> are some classloading problems that I've experienced. If in the assembly
> process we create one archive that is prepared for this purpose, more people
> would be using it?

Yeah - I went through a similar process when integrating the web
console into the default broker script. (i.e. when you run 'activemq'
script you get by default an embedded broker running the web console).

> * I think that ActiveMQ could benefit from version 2.2 of the maven-assembly
> plugin, as it supports excluding of resources from the war archive. It would
> make assembly process cleaner (for the purpose of integrating web console).

You mean like we do in unix-bin.xml and windows-bin.xml with
including/exclusing files from the WARs; or in a better way? (I do
feel the current approach is a bit hacky, though it does seem to

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