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From "Mario Siegenthaler" <>
Subject Re: WebConsole in embedded mode
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 14:03:08 GMT
> > Sounds good to me; though each war is pretty huge; it could make our
> > release massive; so am tempted to leave most of the wars out as
> > deployed binaries and let folks just make 'em on demand from source or
> > something?

Yeah, you got a good point here. It would add serveral 10Mbs to the release :(

> I guess if we can get the JMX stuff working reliably for most folks;
> we could just have a single remote WAR folks can deploy; they then
> just configure the remote JMX URI (which defaults to the local one)?
> From 5.x onwards will have the web console deployed with the broker
> for most folks running a standalone broker; so the need for other
> options as binaries is a tad reduced maybe? (i.e. am wondering out of
> all the permunations, maybe its just the remote one we need to ship as
> a binary WAR?)

We'd need the in-VM variant to run directly in the standalone broker
(that one isn't that big anyway because it doesn't include the
amq-jars) and another one for jndi/property configuration (defaulting
to jndi, because if you want to configure via System-properties it's
easy to just specify another one). The second one would be used for
JMX remote access to the broker and will not include the amq-jars as
they are put in the common/lib (or whatever they call it) directory of
the web-container.
This way the release would be that same size as it's now.

Just saw Dejans mail: We could of course also include another way to
configure it directly via the web.xml, it'd be easy. I didn't include
it before because I always see a war as kinda 'unmodifiable' during
deployment (you shouldn't need to touch the war during deployment).


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