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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject Re: Handling XSDs and Spring 2 XML processing etc.
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 12:54:00 GMT
> A few issues have come up in this rather long and complex set of JIRAs.
> (i) Should we encourage folks to put the exact version of ActiveMQ
> they are using in their configuration files? Or should we encourage
> them to use a non-versioned XSD that at runtime will be resolved
> against the activemq-core.jar? See
> for background.
> Am thinking we default to the non-versioned one; then if folks really
> wanna use a versioned one, they just add the version in themselves.

I think:

1) That you shouldn't change the schema as often as you change version 
of AMQ - the schema _ought to_ be more stable. If not, then maybe you 
should consider making the XSD more "future-proof" by adding name/value 
properties or whatever so that even though you come up with some new 
fancy stuff, the "old" config files can still be used to config it.

2) Since any IDE will use the URL, and not the spring.schemas, this is 
one reason you should encourage the use of exact versions. Or else my 
perfectly valid spring file suddenly will start to reek of errors, even 
though it is perfectly Okay when running.

3) I think you could version the XSD for example "1.0" at this point, 
and keep it _exactly that way_ till you absolutely have to stash in 
something more, or change something, when you will release a "2.0". If 
you then actually include two different parsers with the AMQ release 
that includes the 2.0 format, then even my 1.0-configged application 
will still work - ref any Servlet container. This is the OTHER reason 
why you should encourage the use of exact versions.

Kind regards,

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