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From hh_meta <>
Subject network of broker does not work properly where there are more than 1 message producer
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 23:33:34 GMT

I tried to configure a network of broker for distributed queue within Spring
So I have 4 brokers in total: 
Broker1 and Broker2,  both have a message producer on them; 
Broker3 and Broker4,  both have a message consumer on them. 
The idea is message produced from either Broker1 and Broker2 will be passed
to consumers on Broker3 or Broker4, load-balanced and supports failover. 
here is the activemq.xml for all these brokers, each broker uses a different
tcp port # since I run all 4 brokers on one machine, and I'm using ActiveMQ
4.1.1 release: 
  <broker name="embedded_broker" useJmx="false" 
xmlns="" persistent="false" 
<!-- define a discovery uri for dynamic broker lookup --> 
<!-- prefetch is set to 1 to make sure load balancing during 1:1 testing, we
should change that in production env for better performance --> 
<!-- config the store and forward model for broker network --> 
      <networkConnector uri="multicast://myBrokerNetwork" 
             <queue physicalName="myQueue"/> 
    <!-- dispatch policy for load balancing --> 
                <queue physicalName="myQueue" /> 
                <roundRobinDispatchPolicy /> 

what happened was: 
when I run only Broker1 and Broker3 and Broker4, messages produced from
Broker1 got consumed well by consumers on Broker3 and Broker4. 
when I add Broker2 to the above network, messages produced by Broker2 did
not get consumed at all. until I shut down Broker2, the messages queued
started to get consumed. 

so my question is: why did this happen, is there a problem in my
configuration or might be a bug for activeMQ?

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