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From Motl <>
Subject Re: stomp::commands::ConnectedCommand openwire analog
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 15:42:52 GMT

Sorry, what do you mean by sending WireFormatInfo at the initial connection?
Isn't it done by createConnection() by specifying ""wireFormat=openwire" in


tabish121 wrote:
> If you look at the code in the OpenwireConnector you can get an idea of
> what messages require what responses.  In the case of Connect, there is
> a response that is needed i.e Response command.  You will also need to
> send a proper WireFormatInfo when the initial connection is made so that
> the OpenwireWireFormatNegotiator will get the response its expecting.  
> A good way to see the message traffic is to connect to a broker with
> transport.commandTracingEnabled=true in the URI.  This will cause the C
> ++ client to log the console all the Commands that are exchanged with
> the Broker, you can use this as a guide when implementing the Response
> Builder class.
> Regards
> Tim
> On Thu, 2007-06-14 at 07:00 -0700, Motl wrote:
>> I am writing unit tests for the application that uses activemqcpp
>> library.
>> Using DummyTransport is nice for that purpose, but it only supports stomp
>> at
>> the moment, that misses TemporaryQueue implementation, and it's quite
>> important functionality for me. 
>> Following your advice, I am started implementing OpenWireResponseBuilder.
>> I
>> don't know the internals of ativemq-cpp library, so it's quite blindfold
>> way
>> for me ) 
>> Finally, the question is: which "openwire class" corresponds to "stomp
>> class" commands::ConnectedCommand?
>> I tried to use openwire::BaseCommand template, but what class should I
>> instantiate it with?
>> Thanx a lot

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