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From eta <>
Subject Re: AMQ-1273
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 02:37:03 GMT

So, are you saying that AMQ-1273 should be withdrawn?

You're right that the user could choose some way to call the broker start()
method asynchronously.  In fact that's what I suggested to the user who was
struggling with this problem in a web application with an embedded (slave)

I was actually going to follow on to my proposal with a suggestion to make
the broker "Observable" and allow any number of Observers to be notified
about broker status changes.  Going from Master->Slave or Slave->Master
would be just one such event.  Using such a facility, an embedded broker
could be kicked off "in the background" either by a user thread or by
calling a startAsych() method on the broker, and the user app could be
notified as interesting things happened to the broker.  Bear with me as I'm
new to the codebase, but I don't think there's any such facility now.


I think I would rather keep code like that out of the broker.  If you
want do do async operations with the broker, the end user could always
just use an executor and a FutureTask.  See:

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