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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: WebClient and multiple chat client
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 06:25:12 GMT
On 5/2/07, northshorefiend <> wrote:
> As many before me, I'm sure, I tried the activemq-web-demo chat client and
> found that you only get one working chat client per HttpSession.
> I'm new to ActiveMQ, but has anyone tried something like optionally having
> amq(.js) instances having a UID on birth and passing that to
> MessageListenerServlet, which uses a corresponding instance of WebClient
> stored in the HttpSession.
> Seems to me this would enable the MesssageListenerServlet to know which amq
> instance it was replying to, and each WebClient would acting on behalf of a
> single amq instance.
> I assume this behaviour may not be wanted by most users, but apart from
> that, am I missing any asynchronous consequences?
> If this is sensible I might try putting together a patch.

There's a risk that the client could spoof zillions of UIDs though; so
you might want to restrict the number of UIDs on the broker side (&
reject fake ones). But sure, a patch sounds great :)


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