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From "David D. Lucas" <>
Subject ActiveMQ 4.2 and IBM JRE 1.4
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 14:34:09 GMT
First off, thanks to everyone who put together a great open source package
like ActiveMQ.  I am very impressed with it.  Great Job!!!

I am trying to deploy ActiveMQ 4.2 to WebSphere 5.1.  I was able to do
this with ActiveMQ 4.1, but with 4.2 I am seeing the "Unsupported
major.minor version 49.0" error.  I assume that the ActiveMQ classes or
something it is dependent on is compiled with JRE 1.5 byte code instead of
JRE 1.4.  My assumption, of course, is that 4.2 will continue to support
JRE 1.4 backward compatibility.  If this is not correct, can someone
document that or point me to the correct location?

While I am on the topic with WebSphere, is there a way to use the embedded
broker on multiple web containers all pointing to the same JDBC
persistence store?  I have yet to try this, but I would like all the
brokers to pull from the same persistent queue.  Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

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