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From "David D. Lucas" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ 4.2 and IBM JRE 1.4
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 19:49:47 GMT
Not directly what my client was looking for, but might be the easiest way
to resolve their needs.   With the WAS 5.1 Generic JMS Provider, I can
easily configure the client side, but is there a way to create an instance
of the broker in the WebSphere container?  Like using a combination of
Spring and a WebContainer?   Or is there an old JCA 1.0 RAR laying around
that I could use to deploy in WAS 5.1? ;-)

I should probably move this to the users email list, but one last question.
Do you have a recommended approach in a tightly controlled firewall
environment to communicate between brokers?  Does ActiveMQ 4.1 support
HTTP between brokers?

Thanks again!

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