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From "David D. Lucas" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ 4.2 and IBM JRE 1.4
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 15:02:09 GMT
Thanks for the quick response.  I will try the retrotranslator first.

I did not explain my intent in the other question.

I want the ability for each ActiveMQ "instance" to use the same database
tables for persistence message store and retrieval.  The question is can I
do that and have any persistent message appear to one or more of the other
brokers running on different containers assuming I put a message to the
same named queue?

I want to deploy the broker embedded to my web container and use the
database as a way to "distribute" messages.  Will the naming and locking
defined in the database persistent store mechanism allow multiple brokers
to point to that store and retrieve messages from it?

Is that more clear or foggier?  :-)

Thanks again,

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