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From dgquintas <>
Subject Infinite loop if FailoverTransport is interrupted
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 13:50:52 GMT

Hi everybody,

I have kind of a question regarding the Failover transport: let's assume one
does not have direct access to the ActiveMQ mechanisms; instead, something
like Lingo/Spring isolates the user from it. In this setup, if one want to
abort the connection process to the broker (for instance, because it's down
or its URL has been wrongly specified), an option would be to interrupt the
ActiveMQ thread responsible for it (because we don't have access to the
stop() method of the FailoverTransport class instance). But in doing so, we
run into an endless loop:

Line 344 onwards:
    public void oneway(Object o) throws IOException {
                        // Wait for transport to be connected.
                        while (connectedTransport == null && !disposed &&
connectionFailure==null ) {
                            log.trace("Waiting for transport to
                            try {
                            catch (InterruptedException e) {
                                log.debug("Interupted: " + e, e);

a catch is given for the InterruptedException event, but the interrupted
condition is not checked on the while sentinel expression. As we cannot
modify disposed or anything really (once again, because we don't have direct
access to the transport object instance), we run into and endless loop
situation. By simply appending ( && !(Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted()
) to the while sentinel expression, this situation would go away. 

What do you guys think? I might be missing something or plainly doing things
the wrong way, but when using ActiveMQ from something like Lingo/Spring,
this seems (to me) as the only way to give up trying to connect. By the way,
using maxReconnectAttempts in the broker URL is not an option, as it is left
to the user to determine at runtime when to give up trying (he/she is asked
every n seconds if he/she wants to wait longer or bail out right away).

Best regards,
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