Hello developers,

This is my first post :)

So here goes the story... I have written in C Partial implementation of Stomp Broker
and there was a need to interconnect it with apache-mq the performance was the bottleneck.

When I took a quick look @ stable src, there was no clue of using Java NIO, but in SVN I found
a stub or initial implementation, a few minutes I was Happy as long as I replaced 'StompTransportFactory extends TcpTransportFactory'
with StompTransportFactory extends NIOTransportFactory' and  was rewarded with Exception :)

Further Investigation showed that This NIO implementation makes assumptions about it's user, and it looks like it assumes that the OpenWire Protocol uses it.
by the way, I found that there is no Transport that uses the NIOTransportFactory at the moment.

My implementation should be 'Drop in replacement' for TcpTransportFactory. I took universal approach and implemented: NIOBufferedInputStream && NIOBufferedOutputStream.   Despite the fact that we still have Thread per client (with nio we should use selectors and less threads, but it would require full apache-mq rewrite :) )  the performance improvement is about 80%. Basically it fullfils my requirements. It would be nice to have this patch included.

Any Comments && Questions are welcome...

The patch is attached.