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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [camel] Content Based Router (more info)
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 23:25:22 GMT
On 4/18/07, dr.jeff <> wrote:
> I notice that even though the RouteBuilderTest build all sorts of routes, it
> never seems to send anything through them.

See the these tests...

* ChoiceTest
* QueueRouteTest
* IdempotentConsumerTest

for some tests in camel-core that really push messages through Camel.
Within the sub modules the camel-jms is a good example of a test case
really testing the underlying transport

> I also notice that when you do try to send something through, calling
> builder.getRouteList() first will mask the SendProcessor error (but still
> nothing will make it through).
> Finally, I also notice the the simple example of
>                 from("queue:a").to("queue:b");
>                 from("queue:b").process(new StringProcessor());
> stops working if you call builder.getRouteList() before trying to send
> something through.

AS mentioned in the previous thread, I think this is now resolved
AFAIK. Though I'm sure we could use a few more test cases to ensure
everythings working perfectly. Contributions most welcome :)



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