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From Teemu Torma <>
Subject Re: AMQCPP Openwire much slower than Stomp?
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2007 22:43:12 GMT
On Thursday 19 April 2007, Timothy Bish wrote:
> As of last night I have submitted all the changes to implement
> allowing TCP_NODELAY to be set, along with some unit tests.  If you
> haven't grabbed trunk in a day or so, you won't have all those
> changes.
> We could default it to on if we find its at the root of some of the
> performance issues.

+1 for making it default, also on the broker side.

I haven't seen any major performance issues apart from TCP_NODELAY not 
being enabled.  And only scenario I can think of when Nagle's algorithm 
helps is sending asynchronously small messages, which I think is not 
the most common usage.  


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