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From Albert Strasheim <>
Subject Re: AMQCPP Openwire much slower than Stomp?
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 07:00:57 GMT
Hello all,

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, davidmc wrote:

<excellent summary snipped>

> My case was exactly as yours:
> -the behaviour is different between a local broker and a remote broker,
> because:
> *Windows sockets that connect to localhost don't seem to be really sockets,
> or either, the TCP behaves differently (no Nagle's algorithm).
> *Linux localhost sockets also behave a bit differently from Linux remote
> sockets when it comes to Nagle / Delayed ACK issues.
> -the behaviour is different in Linux and in Windows, because
> *in windows the Delayed ACK timeout is 200ms. So if your broker is in
> Windows, you will notice messages with a roundtrip (latency) time of 200ms.
> *in Linux this timeout is 40ms "only".
> -message size matters, because big messages fill the buffer and get sent
> immediately regardless of ACKs received or not.
> Also I have noticed some strange behaviour with very little packets (less
> than 512 or so bytes), with those packets, disabling Nagle might not work.
> The size below which problems happen is different in a Linux local scenario
> than in a Linux remote scenario.

This describes almost exactly what I'm seeing! The speed depends 
greatly on whether I'm using a broker on Linux or Windows and Stomp or 
Openwire. In order of most to least messages/sec (without TCP_NODELAY 
being set, as far as I can tell) I get:

1. AMQCPP Linux Stomp -> Local Broker Linux
2. AMQCPP Linux Stomp -> Remote Broker Windows
3. AMQCPP Linux Openwire -> Remote Broker Windows
4. AMQCPP Linux Openwire -> Local Broker Linux

Also, 4 is more than an order of magnitude slower than 1. with 1, 2 and 
3 all in the same ballpark. This is with a reasonably large message, 
that might end up compressing quite well with Openwire.

>From what I can tell, AMQCPP supports a broker URL property for setting 
TCP_NODELAY, but actually setting it doesn't change anything at socket 
creation time (although I could be mistaken, I just did a quick browse 
through the code). Maybe TCP_NODELAY should even be the default?

> How to check if this is really the problem:
> -Go to AMQCPP source code and add a line to your socket creation code, where
> you explicitely set TCP_NODELAY to True always (to disable Nagle's
> algorithm). Rebuild and compare.

I'll give this a go today.

> -Capture traffic with Wireshark (former Ethereal), or tcpdump, and see if
> the broker takes a fixed time (40ms in Linux or 200ms in Windows) to send
> ACKs back.
> Hope this helps :)

I think it might. Thanks very much.



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