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From Albert Strasheim <>
Subject Re: AMQCPP Openwire much slower than Stomp?
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 10:46:19 GMT
Hello all

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Nathan Mittler wrote:

> Unfortunately we didn't do a performance analysis, as we've been focused on
> just getting 2.0 out the door.  We did however notice a bit of slowness in
> our integration tests.  Have you, by any chance, profiled the openwire
> connector to see where it's spending its time?
> With any luck, we can zero in on the bottlenecks quickly and cut a 2.1.

I'm going to spend some time on this over the next few days. The 
symptoms are quite strange. Factors that seem to influence the speed 

- whether connection is to a local broker or a remote broker
- whether the broker is running on Windows or Linux
- message size possibly in combination with wire format

I'll report back if I figure out anything more useful.



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