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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Question on the Openwire Generator
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 16:47:08 GMT
Hey Guys

This morning I was starting to look at submitting the openwire
generation classes from ActiveMQ-CPP into the openwire generator when a
thought occurred to me and I wanted to run the idea by you guys to see
what you thought.

Currently all the projects that have openwire generator scripts place
all their openwire generator scripts in the activemq-openwire-genertor
artifact.  So for instance there are java classes in the Openwire
generator artifact for the Openwire-CPP project that has now be moved to
the sandbox as nobody is maintaining it.  So it seems to me like it
would probably be better to have the projects themselves create an
artifact that is dependent on the activemq-openwire-generator artifact
and include their own Openwire Generation classes there, making use of
the base functionality provided in the current package.

So I was thinking that I'd have ActiveMQ-CPP create an artifact called
activemqcpp-openwire-generator which was dependent on the
activemq-openwire-generator and then use that in our main pom.xml as the
dependency for the ant task we currently have in place.  This way the
code specific to the Project for generating the Openwire classes would
live and die with its own project, not with the main ActiveMQ
distribution.  This way when a project like the Openwire-CPP one for
example stops being supported, its openwire scripts don't hang around in
the activemq openwire generator artifact. 

What do you guys think?


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