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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [HeadsUp] Camel library for POJO based routing...
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 10:17:48 GMT
On 3/20/07, Rob Davies <> wrote:
> great work! I'm impressed by how much has already been done!
> btw - I'm considering putting a unique id on the exchange to support
> message store and message history patterns

There's also duplicate detection too

> but this would introduce a
> problem - where does the unique id come from ?
> I guess we have some options:
> 1. the endpoint generates it and sets it on the exchange
> 2. the endpoint asks the container for an id and then sets on the
> exchange
> 3. we return a proxy from the container for the Processor(s) - which
> automatically adds on an id and decorates the Exchange with any other
> stuff which might be useful
> 4. the contract is changed - so the exchange is passed through the
> container first - the container routes to the processor(s).
> Being a traditionalist (crusty ;))- I like the last option but are
> there other options which might ride the camel better ;) ?

Allowing an Expression<E> object to be configured would do the trick;
then some value inside the message (e.g. customerID or orderID) could
be used if need be.

Also I guess we could have a getMessageID() property on the exchange
or endpoint for times when there is one



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