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From Mathulan <>
Subject Stomp reconnect inconsistent
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 12:37:04 GMT

Hi Folks,

I am facing an inconsistent behavior when using Stomp client. The setup I
got here is.

1) Network set up is 2 Machines (Machine MA, Machine MB) connected over LAN.
Each of these machines are running brokers BrkA on MA and BrkB on MB. These
2 brokers are TCP connected.  (On startup and Jconsole can see successful
connection and synchronized topics)
2) There are 1 Publisher PubA, 1 Subscriber SubB. Both uses Stomp for
communicating with ActiveMQ
3)  PubA attached to BrkA on MA and SubB attached to BrkB on MB. SubB is on
Durable mode
4) At the beginning if all goes well the publish/subscribe works well. But
in the following scenario the SubB doesn't receive messages and needs a
restart. And after restart it continues to receive.

1) Failure: Lets say the SubB goes offline while there is no messages left
on the topic (ie nothing pending to be delivered). And the comes back online
again (no messages published while SubB is offline). Now PubA starts
publishing messages, SubB doen't receive any. And if you restart  SubB it
will receive the messages.
2) Succes: Lets say there is no messages left and SubB goes offline, and
while SubB is offline PubA sends a message. When SubB comes back online it
receives the offline message and continue to receive following messages.

So in a nutshell if the Subscriber goes offline and there is no pending
messages in the topic we go a problem that we got to restart. After
Publisher sends a message. All other cases works fine. 

Can some one help to resolve this issue.

Thank you,
Kind regards

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