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From Aleksi Kallio <>
Subject What's happening with BlobMessage...
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 14:25:03 GMT

Hi all,

I've been working with DefaultBlobUploadStrategy to allow uploading of 
large files and other blobs to a file server and then passing the URL 
with a BlobMessage. I've emailed sources (nothing fancy, just a couple 
of classes) directly to James Strachan. I guess sending source code 
files to this list is recommended?

I have written a small test for DefaultBlobUploadStrategy. After looking 
at existing test code it seems that tests are not written againts a real 
broker ie. no messages are actually sent? My test is written in a 
similar fashion but it assumes that a real file server is available. 
Test also depends on a file being available. I'd appreciate suggestions 
on how these dependencies should be handled.

The plan was to use embedded Jetty as a file server. It did not support 
all this, so I have contributed appropriate servlet filter to add needed 
functionality. It will be in the next release of Jetty. I've also 
written a filter to add filename rewriting so that using message ID's as 
filenames should not be a problem. Currently it only does 
filename.replace(":", "_"), is that enough?

I'll bundle these to a webapp that provides file serving and can be 
placed to an embedded Jetty server.

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