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From Aleksi Kallio <>
Subject Re: BlobMessage support for sending out-of-band BLOBs
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 15:46:52 GMT
>> I had a bit of a look at the Jetty code and it doesn't seem to have a
>> simple 'file servlet' for supporting GET/PUT/DELETE of files in a
>> directory; so I was thinking we could contribute one to the Jetty6
>> tree and reuse that. e.g. maybe use the DefaultServlet in Jetty (which
>> does GET fine) then add PUT/DELETE support

I have this working (upload, download, remove) and have tested it with 
files in the order of a couple of gigabytes.

I'd have two questions, all input is appreciated...

1) I'm currently using standard Java URL / HttpURLConnection stuff to 
connect to the web server. Unfortunately there is a bug or design issue 
that makes HttpURLConnection to load everything into memory:

That is definitely not appropriate for our purposes. Currently you can 
also use chunked transfer mode 
(HttpUrlConnection.setChunkedStreamingMode()) and it works well with 
Jetty. However not all HTTP servers support this mode, I don't know if 
it is an issue. The bigger issue is that the method only exists in Java 
1.5. In other words, it is not usable in the ActiveMQ context?

I think the only solution would be to use some other HTTP package, 
probably commons-http. Or do you see some other workarounds? Personally 
I would have preferred if the thing would have not required anything but 
standard JRE classes. Unfortunately it seems impossible, unless one 
writes the HTTP code from scratch, which does not sound like a clever 
thing to do.

2) While storing files to an intermediary file server they are named 
after their message ID's. Is that wise? Message ID's look a bit unfit 
for filenames. Do you think in some environments/FS's these kind of 
names might cause problems?

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