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From Teemu Torma <>
Subject ActiveMQ CPP connection factory behaviour
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 09:50:15 GMT
I was looking the connection factory in activemq-cpp (trunk version) to 
see why I can not create two connections using same factory due to 
client id clashes.

It appears that the connection factory creates only one uuid client id 
and uses it unless something else given to createConnection.  It also 
seems to cache the last given user/password and use them as default for 
the next connection too.

Intuitively I would think that defaults given to the constructor would 
be used unless something else was given to createConnection, and a 
unique client id would be generated each time unless something else was 

Is it like this by design or by accident?  Right now I see it really 
being usable for one connection only at least in my usage scenarios.  
It would be much more usable if user/password would not get sticky and 
client id would default to some kind of uuid + serial for each 


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