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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Anyone know of an outstanding problem with 3.2.4 with NON_PERSISTENT messages causing huge performance issues?
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 23:21:10 GMT
Some ex-colleagues (who I still like) are using G 1.1 which has AMQ  
3.2.4 bundled... and they have reported that every time a message is  
posted into a Queue that AMQ performs increasingly worse.

It looks as though every message posted onto the Queue actually makes  
ActiveMQ slower. As the number of unconsumed messages in my queue  
increases (say: 5 messages) causes a huge impact in terms of message  
consumption time getting doubled.

The first part of the problem lies in the messages not getting expired:
-  I set the delivery mode to be Non Persistent

-   I set a timeToLive on the message:
     sender.setTimeToLive(300000); // 5 minutes

Again this seems to have absolutely no effect on the messages, since  
they get retained in the queues forever. Finally the server just  

The second part of the problem is that the moment the number of  
messages in the queue increases, the transaction time slows down  

I use Geronimo 1.1 & JRE 1.5 and use the Active MQ 3.2.4 ( bundled  
along with geronimo )
Does anyone have an insight into this problem ?

A _certain_ supporting organization reported this to be a problem  
with AMQ 3.2.4, but has yet to actually provide details on what the  
problem is.

Do any of you have any idea, pointers to emails or JIRA issues?


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