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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: BlobMessage support for sending out-of-band BLOBs (was Re: FileMessage: we would like to contribute
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 13:18:35 GMT
On 2/26/07, Aleksi Kallio <> wrote:
> > So lets go with BlobMessage for now (as in Binary Large Object, like
> > JDBC and databases do?)
> Sounds good and pragmatical, and people are familiar with the concept
> already.
> > * wrap up a server side uploader implementation; e.g. a little
> > embedded Jetty which can support GET  PUT/POST and DELETE operations
> > on a web URL for doing RESTful acess to local files which can then be
> > embedded either in producers (for cases where consumers connect
> > directly to producers) or inside brokers, which is a more common
> > scenario.
> >
> > Do you fancy diving in and trying to tackle some of the above?
> I'll do that. Streaming was our preferred implementation, but now that
> that I think about it having a Jetty or something similar would be good
> at least for our piloting purposes. Actually it might the best way to go
> even in our production system. I'll start digging into it!

Great! Let me know how you get on. I've wired in all the various
configuration options now, so the broker should tell the client what
the URI is of the upload server (if there is one). These options can
be configured on the client side via URIs (am just documenting that
now) or via the BlobTransferPolicy via Spring.

I've hacked a real quick implementation of DefaultBlobUploadStrategy
which needs a review & testing but wanted to get the configuration
stuff wired up for you. I can imagine folks wanting one based on
commons-http (or a proper FTP client). We could be clever and
dynamically load a commons-http based uploader if the jar is available
or default to the URL/URLConnection based one.

I was going to attempt to wire in the broker side configuration of the
remote-upload server or an embedded Jetty based server which could be
used. (There's no reason why the jetty based upload server couldn't be
booted up in a JMS client so that the consumer could talk direct to
the producer of a file).

I guess the first thing to do is test things work with some external
file/web server, then we can try out the embedded Jetty server (in the
broker or producer)



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