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From "J. Patrick Bedell" <>
Subject Re: newbie request for help - custom server implementation in ActiveMQ?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 09:16:15 GMT
  I'm afraid that I can't blame you. :)
  I would like to have a filter placed within the processing of
messages sent to a particular set of topics, where messages to a
particular topic are processed (in an application-specific way) to
remove certain information from the incoming message before it is
relayed to all the subscribers to the topic.  i.e., I would like to
receive the XML

<publicInfo>blah blah</publicInfo>
<secretInfo>squeamish ossifrage</secretInfo>

published to a topic X, and relay to all the subscribers to topic X
the processed message

<publicInfo>blah blah</publicInfo>

My questions are, what interface should the modifying class implement,
and what modifications would I make to the activemq.xml configuration
file so that the class modifies the received XML appropriately?  Are
there any pointers to similar application requirements that others can
provide?  Thanks very much!


   P.S.:  FWIW, the development of information currency is my attempt
to create new ways to recognize and value the contributions of
open-source developers - think of information currency as "stock
shares" for information, such as individual commits to the ActiveMQ
svn repository.  The sooner I've got this trading application
developed, the sooner I can express my deep appreciation for your work
in terms of prices, in addition to words of thanks and development
decisions based on your outstanding work. :)

On 11/9/06, James Strachan <> wrote:
> On 11/9/06, J. Patrick Bedell <> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >    I am interested in using ActiveMQ to develop a market for
> > information currency (  I'm a real
> > ActiveMQ/Spring newbie, so I'm not very clear on how to create a POJO
> > to serve as a filter for certain messages sent to the server.
> I don't really understand the question I'm afraid.
> --
> James
> -------

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