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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: How to create permanent Queue
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 04:08:12 GMT
Here's the link again - details here on how to force the list of
startup destinations...

On 9/22/06, Tommy615 <> wrote:
> Maybe I shouldn't use the word 'temporary'. I created the queue and send
> message to it. (let say 10 msg) and the queue size wil be 10. If doens't has
> any consumer to consume the msg and I shutdown the broker then the next time
> I on the broker again, the queue that having 10 unconsumed msg wil be shown
> up at the Jconsole. Let say for another senario is that I created the queue
> and send 10 msg to it and it's msg has been consumed and queue size become 0
> then I shutdown the broker, but when the next time i on the broker again,
> the queue that i created b4 no longer exist (due to the queue size is 0 and
> there isn't has any unconsumed msg resided in it). Is there a way to make
> the queue alive even though it's queue size is 0 after I shutdown the broker
> and restart it again?
> Thanks
> Tommy615 wrote:
> >
> > I use Jconsole to monitor the activemq broker. I manage to create the
> > (temporary) queue after the broker started and I could monitor by using
> > the Jconsole. But once I shutdown the activemq broker and I open the
> > broker next time then the queue that I created before will be gone. May I
> > know how to make the queue still there even though I shutdown it earlier
> > and on it during the next time? Thanks
> >
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