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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject SVN Repository Reorganization
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 14:47:47 GMT
Hi Everybody,

The ActiveMQ project has been growing tremendously and our source tree
now has many modules that are at different stages of development.
Furthermore, we require multiple build systems and platforms to build
all our supported native clients.  I think we are getting to the point
where we need reorganize the svn repository a little so that when we
do a main ActiveMQ release, our src distro just includes the things
that are being built / tested in the main ActiveMQ build.

So.. the reorg would look something like:

/incubator/activemq/trunk/sandbox - > /incubator/activemq/sandbox
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activemq-dotnet - >
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activemq-cpp - >
/incubator/activemq/trunk/cms - > /incubator/activemq/cms/trunk
/incubator/activemq/trunk/openwire-c - > /incubator/activemq/openwire-c/trunk
/incubator/activemq/trunk/openwire-cpp - >
/incubator/activemq/trunk/amazon - > /incubator/activemq/amazon/trunk
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activeio - > /incubator/activemq/activeio/trunk
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activecluster - >
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activemq-jmeter - >
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activemq-tooling/maven-gram-plugin - >
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activemq-tooling/maven-bundle-plugin - >
/incubator/activemq/trunk/activemq-tooling/maven-bundle-plugin - >

And finally.. to keep a consistent
/incubator/activemq/${project}/trunk structure...
/incubator/activemq/trunk -> /incubator/activemq/activemq/trunk
/incubator/activemq/tags -> /incubator/activemq/activemq/tags
/incubator/activemq/branches -> /incubator/activemq/activemq/branches

What do you guys think?  Am i missing anything that should also get
moved?  When do you think would be a good time for the re-org?



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